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So Much More Than Just Classroom Decor.
Includes the digital files for: 

Organized Teacher's Tool Kit - 510 pages 

Add-On Decor Pack - 163 pages 

Add-On Classroom Management Pack - 58 pages 

BONUS: Open House Pack - 58 pages 

BONUS: Parent Communication Pack - 32 pages 

BONUS: Classroom Celebrations Pack - 114 pages 


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Everything Included:

  • 5 Days to an Organized Classroom Quick Start Guidebook 
  • Font Card 
  • Shop the Look Handout 
  • Binder Cover Templates 
  • Teacher Planner Templates 
  • Teacher Toolbox Labels 
  • Square Labels 
  • Round Labels 
  • Student Roster Form 
  • Grading Binder Clip Labels 
  • Cubby Labels (small and large) 
  • Makeup Work Return By Form 
  • Class Roster 
  • Student Allergies Form 
  • Field Trip Checklist 
  • Computer Desktop Organizers 
  • Computer Password Forms
  • Decor Fans Templates 
  • Decor Posters (5) 
  • Word Wall Labels 
  • Supply Caddy Labels 
  • Center Signs
  • Discipline Policy Poster 
  • Class Incentive Poster
  • Voice Level Charts 
  • Sticker Incentive Charts 
  • Incident Report Form 
  • Custom Desk Sticky Notes 
  • Caught Being Good Tickets
  • Bookmarks 
  • Open House Postcards
  • Pre-Conference Parent Reflection Sheet 
  • Parent Contact Documentation Form 
  • Master Parent Contact List 
  • Newsletter Template
  • Holiday Sticky Notes 
  • Birthday Poster 
  • Thank You Notes 
  • Gift Tag Templates
  • Holiday Stickers 
  • End of Year Slideshow Template 
  • End of Year Banner 
  • Birthday Certificates

  • Lesson Plan Templates (5 different options) 
  • Lesson Plan Crate Signs and File Labels 
  • Lesson Plan Binder Covers 
  • Please Return to Labels 
  • Library Book Stick Toppers 
  • Classroom Library Checkout Sheet 
  • Book Level Poster 
  • In Out Baskets Labels 
  • Grade Ledger 
  • Community Supply Labels 
  • Makeup Work Teacher Checklist 
  • Absent Work Clip Labels 
  • Emergency Procedures 
  • Transportation Home List 
  • Field Trip Permission Slip 
  •  Substitute Binder 
  •  Student Login Cards
  • Blank Banner 
  • Pre-Designed Banner 
  • Lunch Menu Poster 
  • Grading Scale Poster 
  • Calendar Set 
  • Welcome Door or Desk Sign 
  • Student Spotlight Bulletin Board Set 
  • Big Book of Heart Cover 
  • Alphabet Line
  • New Student Welcome Pack Certificate 
  • Student Information Sheet 
  • Door Hangers 
  • Parent Volunteer Form 
  • Open House Checklist
  • Parent Welcome Door Sign 
  • Parent Conference Prep Checklist 
  •  Parent Conference Schedule Sign 
  • 75 Report Card Comments 
  • Parent Communication Binder Cover and Binder Spines 
  • Thank You Notes 
  • Guest Speaker Request Form
  • Secret Staff Buddy Door Hangers 
  • Family Fun Night Postcards
  • End of Year Song List 
  • End of Year Party Invitation

  • Book Level Labels 
  • Book Bins Labels 
  • Supply Storage Insert Labels (11 different sizes with multiple options each) 
  • Supply Inventory Form 
  • Loaned Materials Form 
  • Red and Green Round Labels 
  • Student Work Parent Signature Form 
  • Homework Passes 
  • Student Folder Labels 
  • Seating Chart Template 
  • 87 Classroom Seating Charts eBook 
  • Field Trip-Emergency Drill Quiet Activities 
  • School Map 
  • Emergency Sign 
  • Nametags 
  • Continued Organizational Card Deck
  • Daily Objectives Poster 
  • Daily Class Schedule Poster 
  • Classroom Jobs Poster 
  • Behavior Expectations Poster 
  • Blank Wall Calendar Template 
  • Supply Caddy Placemats 
  • Out of Classroom Passes 
  • Desk Nameplates
  • Student Motivation Solution Program 
  • Parent Signature Discipline Referral Form 
  • Good Note Home Postcards 
  • Classroom Store Behavior System
  • Student Planner Pages 
  • New Student Welcome Pack Directions 
  • Classroom Parent Handbook 
  • Open House Slideshow
  • Parent Conference Student Snapshot Page 
  • Parent Conference Invites 
  • Monthly Progress Report 
  • Parent Signature Discipline Referral Form 
  • Supplies Request Form 
  • Blank Letterhead
  • End of Year Award Certificate 
  • Birthday Bookmarks 
  • New Teacher Survival Kit 
  • Classroom Celebrations Party Planning Page

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