Reading and Language Arts Power Pack
11 reading and language arts resource sets that pack a punch!

It's time to rev up your reading and language arts lessons!

This power pack includes the following 11 files:

  • Beach Activities Pack (K-6)
  • Chapter Book Reading Strategies Activities  (grades 3-8)
  • Chrysanthemum Reading Packet (grades 2-4)
  • Contraction Packet (grades 1-3)
  • DI Spelling Menus Packet (grade 2+)
  • Never Ride Your Elephant to School Activities (grades 2-4)
  • Reading Bingo (grades 2-8)
  • Space Theme Reading Logs (grades 2-5)
  • Fiction and Nonfiction Story Maps (grades 2-6)
  • Vocabulary Bingo (grades 3+)
  • Writing Menu (grades 3+)

Looking for ways to incorporate beach theme manipulatives into your beach themed classroom this year? 
Maybe you have a beach unit and are looking for fun ways to insert some learning? 
This is the activities pack for you! This fun idea pack includes 20 separate learning ideas using easy things to find, such as beach balls, shells, Goldfish crackers, sand pails, and sand. I found all of my items at my local Walmart, so they should be readily available to most as well.  

This pack has lesson ideas for grades K-6, with most readily adaptable to all of those grade levels by changing the content or the complexity. 

Enjoy and have fun incorporating the sun and sand into your class even during a blizzard!


"I love how I can differentiate with the unit. Can't wait to use it!"


"Clear and adaptable. Great resource. Thanks."


"A wonderful collection of ideas for a great book. This will be perfect for my beginning of the year friendship/community unit."

A GREAT way to integrate 12 vital reading strategies, multiple intelligences, and authentic assessment. 

All 60 activities can be used with ANY chapter book! 

This is a fantastic and easy tool (with little or no prep work) that can be used for centers, book reports, gifted intervention, sponge activities, and more! 

The 12 reading strategies addressed include: 
1. Main Idea 
2. Facts and Details 
3. Sequencing 
4. Cause and Effect 
5. Comparing and Contrasting 
6. Predicting 
7. Word Meaning in Context 
8. Inferencing 
9. Fact and Opinion 
10. Author's Purpose 
11. Figurative Language 
12. Real vs. Make-Believe

This packet contains 5 activities that could be used with a 2nd-4th grade class. 

Please adapt them as necessary depending upon the level of your specific students. 

All activities can either be done as a mini-lesson in small group or whole class, or can be adapted as center activities if the reading strategy has already been practiced many times. 

These activities are also higher level thinking, and may require more assistance until the students are confident enough to complete on their own. 

They include compare/contrast, inferencing, predicting, word meaning in context, and fact/opinion. 


Would you like premade worksheets and games to teach or review contractions?

Packet include 11 pages with a poster, contraction word search, and 18 contraction puzzles!

This is a great tool for getting spelling homework returned every week! 

Parents and students love the free choice it creates! Students pick from a wide menu of items that are valued at different points, making sure to turn in enough points to satisfy the teacher requirement. 

Even on short weeks, just reduce the number of points required. 

Management tip: Run the menu off on card stock, laminate, hole punch, and place in a three-prong homework folder so you save paper on spelling homework all year long! 

Or print the different templates on different colors to keep it fresh and fun throughout the year (place in a sheet protector) in the 3 brads of a 2-pocket folder.

This activity pack contains 5 activities to go along with the book Never Ride Your Elephant to School by Doug Johnson. 

The 5 reading strategies covered in this book include main idea, cause and effect, author's purpose, real vs. make-believe, and sequencing. 

The pack is best-suited for grades 2-4, but could be adapted depending on the needs of your students. 

Differentiation ideas are included with each activity. Enjoy!

This fun independent activity will keep your earliest finishers busy until you are ready to move on! 

It is a 2-sided BINGO card that contains 9 reading strategies and authentic assessments to match. 

Any book can be used to create the projects. 

You decide whether the child should pick three-in-a-row, four corners, postage stamp, or cover all! 

Keep even the quickest finisher busy for hours and on-task with these interesting and fun activities!

Need an easy way to track student minutes spent at home reading or practicing math facts nightly for homework? 

This easy one page sheet will allow you to save on copies as well! 
Color copies and grayscale versions included.


Includes a written tutorial for how to best use this product in your classroom! 

Checking for understanding of several reading strategies, this story map can be laminated, then used as a review for students to fill out using wet erase markers before taking a comprehension test. 

After using, clean with water to be used again and again!

This vocabulary printable will help you to make sure your students (and parents) know what the current vocabulary words are and give you a ton of ideas for how to make learning them fun!

Order up some writing assignments quickly with this easy to follow writing menu! 

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