Secret Staff Buddies Door Hangers
This fun packet of door hangers is similar to “room service” for teachers and other supporting
Good for PTOs, PTAs or Sunshine Committees for an easy solution to thank teachers for all their hard work throughout the year. 

Or teachers can choose to just use the door hangers amongst themselves. 

That’s the best part: individualize based on the staff and their preferences!  

Directions for use

1 – Print 1 copy of each hanger for each staff member on colored card stock. Laminate. 

2 – Deliver the entire set of 20 door hangers in an envelope to each staff member. 

3 – Choose the dates on the calendar when you would like to have teachers be “secret staff buddiies.” This could be weekly, a couple times a month, or for certain weeks of the year, such as around winter holiday break or Teacher Appreciation Week.. 

4 – At the beginning of the week when you wish to do a buddy exchange, inform teachers that wish to participate that week may grab Card #___ (the card numbers are on the top right corner of the card with the exception of the blank card which you can choose to personalize), fill out the card with a dry erase marker, and place on their door handle by end of day at least two days before the event is to happen. (Staff members that work in another’s classroom may also hang theirs on the same doorknob.) 

5 – Whoever is in charge of the event will walk through the hallways to collect all the completed door hangers. 

6 – Then, randomly swap the cards and place in a sealed envelope for all those participating. Place sealed envelopes in teacher mailboxes to choose the secret gift for that week’s event. Set the total amount spent ahead of time. 

7 – On Friday, the door hanger and the surprise is delivered to the classroom of the recipient by the “secret buddy.” This way, the secret buddies are different each time, rather than all school year. Plus, not everyone will want to participate each time. This allows everyone to pick and choose when he or she wishes to participate based on time and funds. 

By laminating and using dry erase markers, the door hangers can be used over annually. 

Enjoy and have fun bringing smiles to staff members’ faces everywhere!

Bach To School

"This was FABULOUS! I am on a school committee called "sunshine committee" and we used these for December incentive for teachers."


"Because virtual instruction and Covid has put a damper on teacher spirits, we decided to use these as a way to show appreciation to our teachers. Our teachers are enjoying their perks and students have even donated to the cause."


"I purchased this to help boost morale/teacher interactions at my school. It was very beneficial and was always something to look forward to!"

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