Student Encouragement Pack
4 teacher helpers that will engage students and help to keep them making great choices!

Building character doesn't have to take up tons of time away from your lessons and curriculum. 

Instead, use these Brag Bands to showcase those students who are showing exemplary character. 


Plus, parents and administrators will love seeing them too! 


This item includes 50 different pre-made bands including the following: 


  • Today I used my manners! 
  • Today I apologized to someone. 
  • Today I shared with someone else. 
  • Today I displayed a positive love of learning! 
  • Today I was courteous to younger students. 
  • Today I helped someone in the hall. 
  • Today I helped pickup supplies. 
  • Today I loaned a supply to a classmate. 
  • Today I helped a friend find something. 
  • Today I offered to help my teacher. 
  • Today I was polite. 
  • Today I helped explain something hard to another student. 
  • Today I stood up for someone else. 
  • Today I walked in the hallway correctly! 
  • Today I chose a book independently. 
  • Today I complimented someone else. 
  • Today I smiled at a friend. 
  • Today I worked in a group successfully. 
  • Today I was a team player. 
  • Today I helped someone with no expectation of reward.
  • Plus 30 more!

You will either need to print on regular paper - or print on printable inkjet bands for the easiest method!


"My students are so excited to wear their brag bands home and show off their excellence to their parents. Thanks!"


"These look fantastic in the learners' books, Thank you!"


"It is hard to keep my students on track but since they love to talk I try to use group learning as often as I can. These bands helped eliminate the constant need for teacher direction. Students had an easy way to see what their responsibility was and how they contributed to the group. Great resource! Thank you."

The Star Student Story Packet is a ton of fun and is super simple to implement: 


  • Begin by starting the story with a one page story you have begun. It can be about anything you like. But leave it open-ended. 
  • Place the cover, your first page, and one additional blank lined page into a report cover folder with brads. 
  • Then, read the first page to the class and pass it along to the next star student. 
  • He or she gets a week to add on to your story on the blank page in the booklet. 
  • On the day due, you take the folder and read again your page, then pass along to the star student to read his or her page. 
  • This pattern continues each week. Several weeks in, you will have a lineup in the front of the classroom in order ready to read their page in the classroom novel. Note: It will take some time to read it through the longer it gets, but the students LOVE being a part of the story and hearing how it evolves. 
  • After everyone in the class has had a page added to the story, you can write the conclusion page to wrap up the writing. 
  • As a special touch, I always typed up each child’s page at the end of the school year and included the author’s name on the page (reasoning is because the handwriting wasn’t always easy for all to read). Then I printed it out on plain white paper and had the child use markers to add a border around the edges and add their signature to the page. 
  • Last – I printed color copies of the “book” and used as an end of the school year gift along with a slideshow of classroom photos. 

Parents, administrators, and students loved it and it cost me nothing to give those special mementos of the school year.

Packet includes 24 pages, 10 customizable covers for your to personalize, and is perfect for grades 2 and up!

Fun! Customize these motivational stickers with your students' names! 

They will feel like a star with a sticker specially created just for them! 

You will need labels in either Avery 2807 (2-inch round), Avery 2806 (2-inch square), or plain full sheet labels that you can cut apart with a scrapbook punch or craft scissors. 

This file includes 72 fun beach theme sticker labels that you can type right onto in order to customize for the students in your classroom! 

There are also plain stickers if you are looking for something quick and easy. 

Grayscale versions of all labels is also included if you unable to get to a color printer. 


Do you wish your students knew what to do and say during cooperative learning projects? 


I know the feeling! I have been there too! 

This handy little trick will help you out! 


Set includes 25 different student role bands that can be used as wrist bands or even on a lanyard! 

They include a description of the role "I need to..." and an example of words to say, so the student makes a better choice when fulfilling that role. 

They are plain blackline masters, so you can print easily right on the colored paper or cardstock of your choice. 

It includes the following different student group work role bands: 

  • Encourager 
  • Materials Manager 
  • Researcher 
  • Question Wrangler 
  • Time Tracker 
  • Group Leader 
  • Imagination Engineer 
  • Feel Good Giver 
  • Trouble Talker 
  • Task Master 
  • Recorder 
  • Data Collector 
  • Reality Checker 
  • Coach 
  • Extender 
  • Quiet Captain 
  • Laser Focuser 
  • Group Spy 
  • Turn Tracker 
  • Wrap Up Talker 
  • Rah Rah Coach 
  • Errand Monitor 
  • Accuracy Accountant 
  • The Star of the Show 
  • Wildcard 


There are tons of bands to choose from, so you can personalize your groups as needed depending on the project and the class!

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